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Finally updating this page and only about 6 months late! If you read this whole thing you'll eventually get to what happened when Covid first hit and my parents were stuck here. But the update version is that since October 2020, Molly and Bobby have been here helping make our little place work. So what's their deal? I'm getting to that, take it easy.

Both Molly and Bobby are long time restaurant people. Molly had her own place in LA for five years and Bobby has worked front of house in some of the top restaurants in LA and NYC. Molly had to close during covid as her business model just wasn't suited to survive as to-go only. I'd never met them until our mutual friends in LA introduced us and we hatched a plan for them to move to Reno, move in with me and take over for my parents so they could finally go home back to Maine. And that's what happened. 

More recently, today actually (March 5) Molly and Bobby have decided to stay in Reno and moved into their own apartment and we are all hoping to come out the other side of Covid with a strong foundation to have a successful business for many years to come. They are saving to build a tiny house so every time you buy a pizza from us, it's one more proverbial brick in the wall of their soon to be new home. I don't think they're going to build it out of brick, but you get the idea. So that's their deal. Keep reading for, I don't know, let's call it Chapter One...

I never intended for this to be a family business. Not because I don't like my family, but because my parents live in Maine and that's a pretty long commute for anyone, let alone two retired people who didn't exactly sign up to work at a restaurant. So how did we get here?

My folks, Wendy and Ken, came out to Reno back in December of 2019. The plan was to enjoy the holidays and help me get this place open which, at the time, we thought would be early January. Surprise, surprise, things took a little longer than expected and I didn't officially open until early February. They stayed and kept helping, both at the shop by doing anything and everything they could to help, and at home by making sure my wonderful dog Bodie didn't get too lonely while I spent so much time away from home and again, doing a million odd jobs. And then Covid hit and they've been stuck here ever since.

Because they are in a higher risk group for Covid outcomes, I was not personally willing to interact with other humans inside the restaurant while I'm living in the same house with them. But I did need help at the restaurant if I was going to try to survive the nightmare of 2020. You can probably see where this is going. Since it's just the three of us at the house, it became just the three of us at the shop, too. Since March 15, no one else has been allowed into the restaurant. Ok, one time I forgot to lock the door and someone chose that moment to decide to come in for, who knows what. They only made it a few steps before we kinda freaked and got them out. Sir, if you're reading this, sorry about that! (But also, what the heck did you want?)

Anyway, that's the story of how we became a family restaurant. No idea how long it will last, but for now we're just going to keep doing the best we can to keep ourselves and of course, our customers, as safe as we can. 

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