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Because of the extreme generosity of our customers we have been providing gift cards to service workers/employees of local Midtown businesses affected by the shut down. Many customers have asked about donating to this fund and while that makes me a little uncomfortable, here we are.

If you want to contribute to this fund, this is the place to do it and we are just making a list of people in need as we get names from local business owners of employees who have been laid off or furloughed or had their hours cut and that is who we will give those to.

There are other programs in town working to support local service workers, but I am not set up to do large amounts of food in a short amount of time so this is something that works within our online ordering and time specific system so that recipients can get what they want, when they want it and we don't get overloaded at any particular time. We've done a few pizza runs to the hospital and are grateful to help but I'm not sure my 10 or 12 pizzas are making a huge impact and it really is a challenge for me to do large batches of food quickly so we have chosen this path. If you want to "nominate" someone please reach out via email at

I'll update this soon hopefully, but (also hopefully) something is better than nothing. Much love to all and please know that even buying one pizza will contribute to this fund, people just seemed to want an option to do more so it's here if you want it and we are grateful for even the interest in such a thing and will do our best to get the money and food where it can do the most good. 

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