4:15 pm tonight

4:15 pm tonight

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#1. How many pizzas do you want?  Adjust quantity add add to your cart.

(three max per time window right now! if there are less than 3 available, someone has ordered 1 or 2 for this time window already. Do not order for a time window in the past! We are good, but we are not THAT good!)

#2. You are ordering cheese pizzas at this point.  If you actually want a pepperoni ($19) and a fig + pig ($25)-  buy two of this cheese pizza, then add a pepperoni to your cart for $2 and a fig + pig for $6 and we will know that it's those two pizzas.

Yeah, I know it's a pain in the ass, but it's the only way to set it up by time windows that I can figure out so we don't get overrun. We want to be able to keep up and get pizzas to you on time and hot and fresh as possible.

If you do not order the base pizza with a time, your order will not be filled and we will issue a refund. So don't do that.

Who knows, this might actually work.