liege waffle

liege waffle

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the mother of all waffles.

she be small, but she be mighty (mighty yummy)

the waffle to end all waffles

please choose FROZEN if you want it, well, frozen, duh. That way you can save it for when you're truly ready for the ultimate waffle experience. Just put it in the freezer until it's Go Time, then just pop it in the toaster and in a couple of minutes all the world's troubles will melt away. For a few minutes.

If you want it warm, can you guess what we do? We'll warm it up for you and stick it in a bag with a little powdered sugar. What you do with it from there is up to you of course, but know this: you'll eat it before you get home. At least you should.

sure, seven bucks seems like a lot for 115 grams of heaven, until you try it.