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Wednesday 4/7/21.  Pork or Veggie

********FIRST THINGS FIRST********

Just like when ordering our pizzas, you have to order the number of tacos you want by time firstand THEN add the same number of either pork or veggie (or both) toppings to your cart. That way we know which taco you want and keep track of how many so we don't oversell.

Both the pork and the veggie get the following: cotija cheese, mango/avocado salsa, homemade lime cilantro sour cream, homemade pickled onions and diced Serranos on the side for those of you that dig on spicy.

Pork: Slow roasted pork shoulder on a homemade flour tortilla*

Veggie: Sweet potato plank on a warm organic corn tortilla (plus a dash of togarashi spice and a sprinkling of roasted pepitas)

We'll throw a few of our homemade tortilla chips in with each taco. Literally a few, yes. You can order your own homemade chips and guac separately if you so desire. 

*A note about our flour tortillas... they're made with lard which is why they don't go with the veggie taco. Lard is not vegetarian, in case you were wondering. You weren't wondering, were you? You can do a flour tortilla with the veggie filling, just add that in the NOTES when you check out. But just so you know, it ain't no veggie taco no more if you do that.

That is a lot of words to sell a pork and/or veggie taco.